Here are the Top Ten Frequently Asked Design Centre Questions

1. When will I be contacted for my Design Appointment?

Design Appointments are scheduled according to our construction schedule. Your dedicated Design Consultant will reach out to you with a Welcome Package and timing information well in advance of when your selections are due. A general guideline for Townhomes and Detached homes is approximately one year before your closing date. Mid-rise and hi-rise condo selections typically happen much earlier, due to the length of the construction schedule.

2. Can I have a tour of the Design Centre or preview selections of included features and optional extras prior to my appointment?

Homeowners are welcome to come to “Open House” to browse our Design Centre in advance of their design appointments, and can attend Open House as many times as they wish. This is a great opportunity to get a tour of the included and optional features for your new home, ask questions, and get started on your wish list. Our Open House hours are Thursdays 5pm-9pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm. Due to current Covid-19 capacity restrictions, an appointment is required for Open House. When it gets close to your design appointment, the design centre will reach out to you with a link for booking your Open House visits, or you can contact us directly to book an appointment.

3. What does the design appointment involve? How long is my appointment?

You will meet one-on-one with your dedicated Design Consultant who will guide you through exciting process of personalizing your new home.

Mid-rise/Hi-rise condos will have one colour selections appointment. Townhomes and Semi-detached homes will have two appointments: structural selections appointment and colour selections. Detached single family homes will have three appointments: Exterior colour selections, Structural Selections and Interior Colour selections.

Appointments are typically 2-3 hours in length. Appointments can be conducted in person at our Design Centre, or virtually via video chat. Please talk to your Design Consultant to determine what’s best for you.

4. I work full time; can I request my Design Studio appointment during the evening or on weekends?

All selections appointments are scheduled during business hours Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. During selections appointments it is crucial for the Design team to have access to other departments such as our Architecture and Estimating teams in order to ensure the best possible service for our homeowners. We encourage you to visit our Open House hours (by appointment on Thursday evenings and Saturdays) which will assist in making your selections meetings as efficient as possible.

5. What should I have prepared for my 1st Meeting?

Start thinking about your wish list and must have items for your new home. Think about your budget for upgraded features. Review our pricing Guide and Structural options (where applicable) that are supplied to you buy your Design Consultant. Visit Open House (by appointment) if you can.

6. Can I make changes to my selections once I’ve signed off?

Once you authorize your selections, you have 7 days to thoroughly review them, after that all structural and colour selections are considered final.

At this point we will begin to send out orders to our trade partners. These orders cannot be revoked, and therefore changes to the original selections can lead to mistakes by our trade partners and disappointment for you. For this reason, selections are considered to be final after the 7-day period.

7. Why do I have to select my finishes so early?

Although your occupancy closing date may be months away, there are many processes that need to happen before your home is finished. In order to ensure the most efficient construction schedule, we complete your selections well in advance so that we can have all of the information required and all materials and permits ordered before construction begins on your home.

8. Can I request a hardwood, tile or other product upgrade that is not in the Design Centre?

We do not provide the option to source materials outside of our offering, but you can rest assured that the Branthaven team works tirelessly to source the brands, styles and colours of finishes to include in our Design Centre that will give you exceptional quality and value.

9. Do I have to pay upfront for my upgrades?

There is no deposit required on the first $15,000 of upgrades purchased. A 25% deposit payment (cheque, Visa or Mastercard) is collected for all upgrades purchased over $15,000. This is due when signing the Options & Upgrades agreement. The remaining balance is due at the time of your occupancy closing.

The total amount of all upgrades is added to the total purchase price of your home on closing and any deposits made on upgrades will be reflected as a further deposit against the total purchase price.

10. What happens if the materials I chose at my design consultation are discontinued?

In the event that a material you have selected has become unavailable, we will provide a substitute material that is of equal or greater value. If a colour selection is required, your dedicated Design Consultant will contact you to make another choice.

Do you have another question?
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