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Whether it’s a condominium, townhome, or single family home, all Branthaven interiors feature the best home design techniques, with multifunctional interiors and spacious layouts that are open concept, easy to furnish and maintain, and most importantly have no wasted space. Transitions between living, dining and kitchen areas flow effortlessly and are visually appealing.


Carefully arranging the furniture in a room with two focal points—a piece of art or furniture, for example—makes the space unique and helps tie all of the elements together. To keep your space interesting and create “movement,” spread the wealth. Consider choosing one colour or pattern from your focal piece and apply it in small touches throughout your room.


When decorating a living room, one of the most common mistakes is to rely on overhead lighting. Harsh direct lighting is not conducive to relaxation—instead, lamps are a great way to soften a space. Consider an assortment of lamps at different heights (with an assortment of bulb watts) spread throughout your room, as well as recessed or track ceiling lighting.


Bookshelves can be traditional, modern or contemporary. They service as great feature areas, but remember: not everything has to go on your shelves. Keep it clutter-free. Consider wall decor or hanging a collection. Almost anything can be framed. Adding a stone feature or accent wall helps separate spaces within an open concept area.


Creating a clutter zone or a drop zone can help keep the rest of your home clutter free. The best space for a clutter catchall is right beside the door that you use most frequently, but other areas may work also. Access your needs as you begin your day.

Products, features and finishes shown are for illustration purposes only. Standards and optional upgrade availability varies by community and model. Optional upgrades are at extra cost. For a complete list of included standards and available optional upgrades, please contact a Branthaven Sales Representative directly or visit a Branthaven Sales Centre. E.&O.E.