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May 8th, 2019

Branthaven Wins Again… Lakeview Village Awarded Best Planned Community

Last week Branthaven Homes was awarded the Hamilton Halton Homebuilders’ top prize Project of the Year Mid-High Rise for The Taunton Apartments in Oakville. This week, BILD – The Building Industry and Land Development awarded Lakeview Community Partners Inc. (A partnership comprised of Argo Development, Branthaven Homes, CCI, Greenpark Homes and TACC Construction) top prize for Best New Community Planned / Under Development for Lakeview Village, Mississauga.

“It takes passionate professionals and committed local citizens to make a community as visionary and transformative as Lakeview Village will be,” says Steve Stipsits president of Branthaven Homes. “We assembled an extraordinarily talented team to design and develop Lakeview Village. The community stepped up to offer suggestions and unprecedented support too. To be recognized for our group’s efforts is very satisfying.”

Lakeview Village is destined to be “Canada’s next great waterfront community” – a 177 acre, masterfully planned community that will revolutionize the way people live, work and play on Mississauga’s waterfront.

“It’s rare to find a project of this size and scope anywhere in the world,” offers Stipsits. “Lakeview Community Partners’ commitment to excellence will make Mississauga’s waterfront a world leader in architecture and urban design and a model of sustainable urban living.”

Lakeview Village is an ambitious 10-15 year mixed-use development that will feature a range of housing types including mid-rise condos, towers up to 25 storey’s and townhouses, as well as retail and other commercial uses. Cultural attractions and a campus are also planned to round out the offering. A sustainable green community, Lakeview Village will have 67 acres of expansive parkland interwoven with walking trails, cycling routes, and public transit access.

“Expect plenty of blue spaces too”, says Stipsits. “Lakeview Village will create a place where people can finally connect with Lake Ontario.” The team has designed a continuously linked waterfront to provide uninterrupted water’s edge connection from east to west Mississauga and plenty of people places in between. There will be waterside parks, wetland trials, elevated boardwalks and canals lined with restaurants, boutiques and cultural places. “The waterfront showcase will certainly be Inspiration Point – a reclaimed pier extending more than 600 metres into Lake Ontario.” This destination attraction will provide people from across the region an unparalleled vista of the waterfront experience and unprecedented vistas of downtown Toronto, Mississauga and across the entire Lake Ontario.

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