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The Branthaven Way to a better life.


What we know is that today’s home buyers are even more sophisticated than previous generations. They're more knowledgeable of their needs and expectations. Blurring the lines between urban and suburban, replicating the best of urban life but with more space and affordability. Possibly the most interesting thing we’ve experienced is that many of their decisions are often comprised of a home with a distinct sense of personal, practical style, built with quality construction and low maintenance. They want authenticity in the design and expect that in a new home every bit as much as you can in a custom home. That’s no surprise for us.

It’s these buyer values that have helped Branthaven make responsive decisions in homebuilding. Pushing toward life-centric designs and purpose driven living spaces. Plans that promote a much more contemporary way of living, much more simplified, and designed with a purpose. It’s Branthaven’s dedication to be creative that also speaks to the authenticity people are looking for and expect.

The last 45 years have helped us understand what it takes to provide original communities with purpose built homes making life easier and more rewarding. Discover what it means to Live The Life™ in a Branthaven Homes.

Life-Centric living spaces that improve the way you live life.


Gathering Spaces

Live the life™ in classic or contemporary styles! Today’s townhomes are places where space, transparency, and design detail are harmonious and well-crafted. They have a role in defining how families live and play. At Branthaven Homes, we create interiors that are more modern, more design conscious, more relaxed and more architectural – to express the way you want to live!


The perfect ingredients for good kitchen design

People are looking for convenience as the motivating factor. It is important that the kitchen performs as effortlessly as possible under various types of pressure – multiple cooks, entertaining, extended cooking sessions, social cooking and more. Homeowners seek to express themselves in a personal way in terms of aesthetics & function and have the confidence to do so much more than ever. Branthaven’s re-imagined kitchens allow you to express your cooking creativity with confidence!


A rewarding experience

Dining and entertaining comes in all shapes and sizes. A morning coffee, a romantic dinner for two. A family gathering to celebrate a special birthday or a new year’s party with friends and neighbours. Branthaven’s life-centric spaces are designed to be fluid and flexible enough to accommodate any congregation comfortably and stylishly. Making every get-together a cause for celebration.


Your spa like escape

Branthaven’s Fresh Thinking™ bathrooms are harmonious spaces that elevate everyday rituals, creating spa-like serenity. The latest cantilevered-style float vanity is loaded with pullout drawers, so mornings glide smoothly. Cares float away in a semi-frameless glass shower accented by sculptural fixtures and stacked ceramic tiles that create a fresh visual impression that soaks up the best of every day. Fresh Thinking™ features and finishes vary by community and model.


Fresh Thinking™ Features and Finishes

We’ve collaborated with industry leading designers and premium suppliers. We’ve sourced the latest and greatest products and made them our own, from counters to cabinets, and tiles to taps, we’ve made it easier to express and improve your lifestyle in the process.