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September 19th, 2017

Creating Child-Friendly Spaces in Your Home

When it comes to enriching your children, it’s important to provide them with child-friendly environments that offer them space to play, grow, learn and develop life-long skills.

There are many ingenious and fun ways to create child-friendly spaces and we’ve included a few ideas below to help you get started.

1. Establish a Designated Play Area In Your Home. This not only keeps the clutter to a minimum around the house but also ensures your children have a safe place to play. To prevent any accidents, secure cabinets to walls or floor, cover any electrical outlets with socket covers and make sure all curtain or blind drawstrings are kept out of reach. Depending on your child’s age, you should also consider installing a Safety Gate to keep your child secure in the space.
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2. Storage, Storage, Storage! Make it easy for your children to tidy up their toys and crafts by using colourful storage containers that are easy to carry. To encourage further organization, label all containers with visual labels so that even non-readers will be able to pitch in. Consider purchasing furniture or accessory pieces that double as storage to save space in smaller rooms.

3. Create a Reading Nook. Encourage reading from an early age by creating a cozy reading area just for the kids. A small space under the stairs, a canvas tent in the basement or even a collection of colourful body pillows in the corner of their bedroom can create a magical reading nook that will spark your child’s imagination.

4. Showcase Their Art. Fuel your child’s creativity by arranging a space just for art. Keep it stocked with supplies and interesting materials to encourage them to create their next work of art. Most importantly, designate a wall in this space that showcases their art to boost their confidence and create further inspiration.

5. Get Down to Their Level. Make it safe for children to access every day items by ensuring these items are reachable. Lower hooks to make it easier for them to reach towels, backpacks and jackets; Keep stools handy in the bathroom and kitchen to help them reach the sink; And lower closet rods to encourage independence when dressing themselves in the morning.


6. Create an Outdoor Play Area. What better way to encourage your children to play outdoors than by creating an outdoor play space, just for them! Sand Boxes, Water Tables and Mud Pie Kitchens are all great tools to encourage imagination and dramatic play. Have a large backyard to work with? Items like Trampolines, Club Houses or Pre Fabricated Play Sets will help support physical fitness on a daily basis.