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February 3rd, 2014

Importance of a Master Plan

Did you know that proper site planning is the first step to creating places that have a unique sense of place? Often, residents and visitors can’t quite explain why one place feels better than another, other than it makes them feel good or “it just seems right”! It’s takes a lot of pre-planning and relevant experience to create seemingly effortless, natural places that not only feel good but motivate people to want to live there, settle, stay and foster a true sense of community.

Whether a site is a big urban development or a small infill in a suburban setting, it’s the urban planner and astute builder in conjunction with Provincial and Municipal Planning guidelines behind every development parcel that shapes the future of a particular site. Proper planning focuses on making communities more livable and enhance the lives of its residents. And, it all starts with people-centric planning.

The planning process begins with what people want today. How do they wish to live? What are their preferences? Are they commuters, young professionals, first time families, or smart sizing boomer? Smart Builders and Planners answer these questions and provide the solution with site plans that address the perfect mix of types of homes offered, the right scale of housing, the density of the site, how much private and public outdoor spaces are needed, and what the overall streetscapes should look like.

Visionary builders know that site plans are not just about density and housing for the sake of housing. It’s about creating comfortable, pedestrian scaled developments that are key to attracting new home buyers to their communities.

Some builders are well known for their ability to “see the future” through proper planning today. Branthaven Homes is such a builder. They have a well-regarded ability to create Smart Growth™ planned neighbourhoods that add value to residents and communities they build in. Take Bohemian Towns in Waterdown for example. This parcel of land is being transformed from a previously underutilized banquet hall to a now vital new low-rise community. It is luring city folks to the charms of smart style and urban luxuries in a charming hamlet of Waterdown. Check out this site plan and see why it works!