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March 1st, 2019

Luxury Living Without Compromise

The Taunton’s Concierge Service Provides Residents Exceptional Peace-of-Mind.

When it comes to personal safety or security, everything at The Taunton Apartments has been considered to ensure the well-being and comforts of its residents. Taunton Apartments residents will enjoy an unparalleled array of hotel-inspired amenities and the carefree knowledge that their home is safe and secure, day and night, and even when they are travelling.
The Taunton Apartments Elegant Concierge Desk

24/7 Concierge at Your Service
The Taunton’s residents can rest assured that visitors are entering via one secure lobby where a dedicated and trained concierge will welcome your guests and meet delivery persons. This secure “gatekeeper” ensures visitors cannot enter the common area amenities or apartments within The Taunton without permission.

The 24/7 concierge service is a friendly and welcoming person ready to monitor visitor comings and goings, greet guests and ensure your incoming deliveries and parcels are secured. The concierge will also hold residents’ outgoing parcels so couriers and deliveries are conducted at the lobby rather than suite doors.

Visitor Parking is Safe and Secure Experience
The concierge also provides the value-added comfort of attending to guests’ parking needs. Residents simply notify the concierge in advance of their visitor’s arrival. The concierge prepares a coded visitor pass and will greet guests as they arrive at The Taunton’s protected Porte Cochere.

Visitors can choose to park in designated above ground parking or, in inclement weather, park their car in the underground visitor parking spaces. At the secured elevator foyer, guests will simply type in the name of the resident they are visiting and they will be buzzed through to the underground elevator lobby and then take the elevator directly to their desired floor.

Pleasant Resident Parking and Storage
Underground parking is an elevated experience for The Taunton’s Residents. Residents have a personalized dedicated key fob to access the underground parking garage. A designated spot (s) is provided. The parking garage is very accommodating. It is bright, clean, well signed and very comfortable. Individual storage lockers are locked and ensure your seasonal goods and large items are protected and secure.

Personal Key FOB – One System
Once a resident takes possession of their apartment, two dedicated key fobs are programmed and given to the resident(s). The handy fob provides overall access to underground parking, stairwells and elevator lobby. It also provides easy personal access to all indoor and outdoor amenity areas while they remain secure.

Wayfinding Comfort
The Taunton is an energy efficient new build with smart secure features like motion lighting that is activated by movement. Hallways will be lit when entered. Illumination will increase as a person walks the corridor to their suite. Suite doors are heavy duty with state-of-the art locks, have viewing “peep hole” and are fire proof. Security cameras are engaged to monitor hallways and apartment entrances for your added peace-of-mind.