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August 8th, 2017

This Summer’s Hottest Colour Trends

It’s not always easy choosing the right accent colours for your home. Sometimes even the thought of adding a pop of colour to your walls or purchasing a bold-coloured sofa or accent chair can be daunting.

Need some invigorating summer inspiration to boost your confidence? Here are the top 5 PANTONE summer colours of 2017!

Greenery was named this season’s Number 1 colour. “I am not surprised to see a bright and powerful color this year,” said Marika Meyer, a Bethesda designer. “People are craving the positivity, energy and drive we can get from color.” Green symbolizes growth, hope and revitalization and can be an uplifting colour that instantly improves our mood. Laurie Pressman, Vice President at the Pantone Color Institute, says, “Greenery was chosen to represent a yearning to reinvent ourselves.” It is recommended to use the colour sparingly, such as introducing it in accent pieces or room accessories; it can even be combined with blues, purples or aubergines.

Lapis Blue – Associated with tranquility and cleanliness, blue has a calming effect and it’s said to suppress appetite and encourage weight loss. “Conveying even more energy is Lapis Blue. Strong and confident, this intense shade is imbued with an inner radiance”, according to a Pantone designer. Lapis Blue is a colour that can be used practically anywhere in your home – from walls, to bedframes, sofas and accessories and even to add exceptional character to the exterior facade.

Pink Yarrow – If your goal is to achieve a lively and festive ambience, then Pink Yarrow will help you accomplish that. This bold, tropical colour will inject your room with energy and lift your mood. Pantone describes it as, “a whimsical and unignorable hue that tempts and tantalizes. Bold, attention getting and tempestuous.” You can infuse your living space with this positive and inspiring colour by simply adding pillows, throws or incorporating a small piece of accent furniture.

Primrose Yellow is another top colour choice for designers because of its sunny disposition and its ability to inject us with warm, happy emotions. “Primrose Yellow sparkles with heat and vitality. Inviting us into its instant warmth, this joyful yellow shade takes us to a destination marked by enthusiasm, good cheer and sunny days.”

Flame is “a red-based orange hue that is flamboyant and vivacious,” says Pressman. Flame is perfect for making a great statement in any room. It will bring about fun, cheerfulness and love.  Match this colour with neutral shades to avoid overstimulating your senses.