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July 17th, 2017

Honouring Heritage in Milton

Branthaven Homes completes a fresh, modern revitalization for a century-old heritage home

It was different back then: The main floor was a drab maze of mini-rooms with rickety finishes and very little natural light; the kitchen no bigger than a postage stamp – and although stuffy spaces like this don’t cut it for the cool, cultured homeowner of today, Branthaven believes that preserving our heritage is of utmost importance.

So, Branthaven enlisted Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes, a specialist in restoring and renovating century-old homes in Milton, to renew and deliver this now high-functioning, streamlined space while still preserving its character.


“This home in particular worked extremely well with a clean palette of whites and greys and natural materials like wood and stone,” says Mirela Marshall, Partner at Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes. “Neutral shades cause less visual stress but we were still able to punch things up with artwork and accessories.”

But before interior design, Branthaven had to address the main floor’s choppy layout and outdated Building Code issues. Walls were removed to make way for an open-concept design focused around the kitchen area. To Branthaven’s surprise during the renovation process, a beautiful, all-stone fireplace was uncovered and restored. It was certainly elegant in its time, indicating the home was likely originally built by an affluent family. The fireplace would turn out to be the focus of the new sightlines from the kitchen into the living room.