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March 18th, 2014

Is Waterdown the New Williamsburg?

Do you fancy yourself a Brooklyn Hipster? A Williamsburg Wannabe? Or a Queen/ Bloor West Villager, looking to flee Toronto’s escalating real estate prices in search of attainable first time home ownership?

There’s a new phenomenon taking place in cities like New York, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton, known as the Brooklyn Effect. Former boho environs like trendy Brooklyn, artsy Williamsburg, downtown T-DOT and Montreal’s cutting edge Mile End, are becoming increasingly unattainable due to escalating real estate prices. Creative types and young professionals of child-rearing age — the type of culture-seeking urbanites who once considered themselves too cool to ever leave the city – are making the move to the suburbs!

Just recently, Branthaven Homes opened Bohemian Towns in Waterdown and felt the ripple of the Brooklyn Effect. Braving freezing cold temperatures, like-minded young professional couples camped out overnight, just to be first in line for Branthaven’s chic city townhome opening in Waterdown. First in line buyers Frederique and her husband – renters from Bloor West Village, got the perfect 3-storey urban townhome they were always dreaming of. “We couldn’t be more excited,” says Frederique. “We love the heritage-inspired look on the outside and the modern open interiors and high design selections on the inside. It’s our style, its how we like to live. We could never afford this in Toronto!” In fact, over 35 buyers felt the same way. And, all cited Waterdown’s historic buildings, Main Street shops, laid back vibe and bohemian lifestyle as a big draw for their purchase of a Bohemian town. Sounds like cool city types are about to make history in Waterdown.