Allowable Under Zoning By-Law

  • Banks
  • Barber & hairdressing shops
  • beauty parlors
  • dental offices
  • dry cleaning establishments, self-service DEPOT (not using flammable or explosive solvents or cleaners)
  • medical offices
  • offices
  • police stations (without detention quarters)
  • radio stations
  • small tool & appliance rental & service establishments
  • Department stores
  • exhibition halls
  • markets
  • restaurants (with an occupant load not more than 30 persons consuming food and drinks)
  • SHOPS & retail stores
  • stores
  • supermarkets

NOT ALLOWED in addition to uses not allowed under zoning by-law

  • adult entertainment or sale of adult products
  • any use requiring a fryer, grill or commercial hood fan
  • veterinary clinic, pet store or boarding kennel
  • general medical practitioner or walk-in clinic
  • pawn shop or second hand shop
  • dollar store or similar discount store
  • nail salons
  • laundries, self service (including coin operated laundromat)

Signage Guidelines


To ensure that all signage and business identification features respect the architectural style and massing of the building façades as well as the overall community design.


The signage band has been designed to accommodate business identification for each unit. Business identification may include a business name and/or graphic. Signage will be installed in predetermined locations on the front, rear and side (where applicable) building façade. Modifications to the overall signage designs are not permitted.


Front (facing Plains Road East)

  • Channel letters or logo fastened to signage band
  • Maximum width of signage – 14’-0”
  • Maximum height of signage – 30”
  • Signs must be internally lit

Rear (parking lot side)

  • Channel letters or logo fastened to signage band
  • Maximum width of signage (Units 113, 114, 115) – 8’-0”
  • Maximum height of signage (Units 113, 114, 115) – 1’6”
  • Maximum width of signage (Unit 111) – 12’-0”
  • Maximum height of signage (Unit 111) – 1’6”
  • Signs must be internally lit


Additional Signage shall not be placed or maintained on any exterior door, wall or window of the premises nor shall any advertising matter or decoration, including lettering or advertising matter, be installed or affixed on the glass of any window or door of the Premises without first obtaining the Condominium Corporation’s written approval and consent. Signs indicating the following are permitted to be installed on a door or window granted the signage is no larger than 6 square feet in total area: Open / Closed sign, hours of operation, phone number, address signage, business name.


Signage must be internally lit. Additional exterior lighting is not permitted unless approved by the Condominium Board and Municipality.

Initial Approval and Future Modification of Signage

Initial and future signage will require approval from the Condominium Board. Branthaven Homes will serve as the acting Condominium Board and will provide approvals until Board members are elected at the condominium turnover meeting. Owners will be required to acquire all Municipal approvals and permits from the City of Burlington prior to installation of signage.








Features & Finishes

  • Aluminum frame, glass storefronts complete with lockset and door closer
  • Barrier-free access to entry door from public walkway
  • Municipal address number applied to glass store front
  • Signage band (signage supplied by purchaser as per signage guidelines)
  • Exterior lighting with centralized controller
  • Fire rated concrete floor between commercial and residential units
  • HVAC system and air conditioning (ductwork to be completed by purchaser)
  • Individually metered water, natural gas, and electricity
  • Unfinished ceiling on ground floor
  • Approximately 10’ high from height of mechanical
  • Smooth finish concrete floor throughout (floor finishes by purchaser)
  • Concrete floor assembly between commercial and residential units above
  • Perimeter walls will be concrete, concrete block, drywall (taped, 2 coats), or other similar unfinished material, as required.
  • Fire detection devices and pull station integrated into the building fire safety system
  • Fire suppression sprinkler heads
  • 100amp electrical service with hydro panel and copper wiring
  • Two (2) utility lights and two (2) utility plugs
  • Plumbing roughed into each commercial unit (not within the unit)


Please note: The Vendor shall have the right to make reasonable changes in the opinion of the Vendor in the plans and specifications if required and to substitute other material for that provided for herein with material that is of equal or better quality than that provided for herein. The determination of whether or not a substitute material is of equal or better quality shall be made by the Vendor’s architect whose determination shall be final and binding. Colour, texture, appearance, etc. of features and finishes installed in the dwelling may vary from Vendor’s samples as a result of normal manufacturing and installation processes. E.&O.E. Updated September 19, 2014





Price List

Unit Model SQ. FT. Price Inquire
111 Commercial 1100 $429,250 More Info
112 Commercial 1190 $469,250 More Info
113 Commercial 1230 $485,850 More Info
114 Commercial 1420 $559,900 More Info
115 Commercial 1335 $527,325 More Info
116 Commercial 1205 $475,975 More Info


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