Branthaven Homes


At Branthaven Homes, we have re-imagined the homebuilding industry with unique, design-oriented developments. What started as a family business over 45 years ago as a master builder of custom estate homes, has grown into one of Canada’s premier homebuilders and developers of stunning single-family homes, executive townhomes and master-planned communities in some of the most desirable residential areas of GTA West and Southern Ontario.

“We’re always re-thinking every aspect of home building to improve how you live your life. The more we know about our customer, the better home builder we become.”


What we know is that today’s home buyers are even more sophisticated than previous generations. They’re more knowledgeable of their needs and expectations. Blurring the lines between urban and suburban, replicating the best of urban life but with more space and affordability. Possibly the most interesting thing we’ve experienced is that many of their decisions are often comprised of a home with a distinct sense of personal, practical style, built with quality construction and low maintenance. They want authenticity in the design and expect that in a new home every bit as much as you can in a custom home. That’s no surprise for us.

It’s these buyer values that have helped everyone at Branthaven make responsive decisions in homebuilding – pushing toward life-centric designs and purpose-driven living spaces. Plans that promote a contemporary way of living, much more simplified, and designed with a purpose. It’s our dedication to be creative that also speaks to the authenticity people are looking for and expect. And as a result, the last 45 years have helped us understand what it takes to provide original communities with purpose-built homes, making life easier and more rewarding.

We bring exceptional talent, leadership and dedication to every project – it’s how we deliver on our promise to give discerning homebuyers the “best built home at any price.”